New publication!

Our new article has been accepted in Materials Today Bio:

Ezekannagha C, Becker A, Heider D, Hattab G: Design considerations for advancing data storage with synthetic DNA for long-term archiving. Materials Today Bio 2022, in press. (Link)


Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is increasingly emerging as a serious medium for long-term archival data storage because of its remarkable high-capacity, high-storage-density characteristics and its lasting ability to store data for thousands of years. Various encoding algorithms are generally required to store digital information in DNA and to maintain data integrity. Indeed, since DNA is the information carrier, its performance under different processing and storage conditions significantly impacts the capabilities of the data storage system. Therefore, the design of a DNA storage system must meet specific design considerations to be less error-prone, robust and reliable. In this work, we summarize the general processes and technologies employed when using synthetic DNA as a storage medium. We also share the design considerations for sustainable engineering to include viability. We expect this work to provide insight into how sustainable design can be used to develop an efficient and robust synthetic DNA-based storage system for long-term archiving.

Written by: Heider