ARCHIVES April 2020


We created CORDITE (CORona Drug InTEractions database) an open database that collects and aggregates all available data from publications and preprints for SARS-CoV-2. Its focus is set on drug interactions. Please contribute to the open, curated database! UPDATES April 24, 2020CORDITE in numbers: 547 interactions (+17%), 423 drugs (+19%), 226 papers (+12%). NEW: GUI…


New publication!

Our new article has been accepted in Scientific Reports: Löchel HF, Heider D: Comparative analyses of error handling strategies for next-generation sequencing in precision medicine. Scientific Reports 2020, 10:5750. (Link) Abstract Next-generation sequencing (NGS) offers the opportunity to sequence millions and billions of DNA sequences in a short period, leading to novel applications in personalized…