ARCHIVES November 2018

New publication!

Our new article has been accepted in Bioinformatics: Schwarz J and Heider D: GUESS: Projecting Machine Learning Scores to Well-Calibrated Probability Estimates for Clinical Decision Making. Bioinformatics 2018, in press. Abstract Motivation: Clinical decision-support-systems (CDSS) have been applied in numerous fields, ranging from cancer survival towards drug resistance prediction. Nevertheless, CDSS typically have a caveat:…


Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics

Angelo Facchiano and Dominik Heider will host a special issue on Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics: Development and Application of Tools for Omics and Inter-Omics Studies Omics sciences revolutionized research in areas such as biology, biotechnology, medicine, and agri-food sciences. With the novelty of high-throughput techniques, researchers may encounter difficulties to manage and interpret the huge amount…