ARCHIVES Januar 2021

Talk at TMF

Dominik gave a talk at TMF – Technologie- und Methodenplattform für die vernetzte medizinische Forschung: CORDITE – Corona Drug Interactions Database Since the outbreak in 2019, researchers are trying to find effective drugs against the SARS-CoV-2 virus based on de novo drug design and drug repurposing. The former approach is very time consuming and needs…


New project is funded!

Our project Deep Insight: Integrating germline and somatic genetic profiles through machine learning to understand esophageal cancer etiology has just been granted by the BMBF (031L0267A). The partner in the project is the University of Cologne. Abstract Esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC), also known as Barrett’s carcinoma, represents a major socio-medical challenge. It is a highly aggressive…


Talk at KoBIS

Georges gave a talk at KoBIS: Hidden Data Facets in Bioinformatics All data has hidden facets. Whether it is the space of representation or the different data, different constraints determine how we think about it. In this talk, these constraints from different fields of knowledge will be addressed, in particular bioinformatics approaches and workflows. The…