ARCHIVES März 2019

New publication!

Our paper has been accepted in PLoS One: Canbay A, Kälsch J, Neumann U, Rau M, Hohenester S, Strucksberg K-H, Baba HA, Rust C, Bantel H, Geier A, Heider D, Sowa J-P: Non-invasive assessment of NAFLD as systemic disease – a machine learning perspective. PLoS One 2019, 14(3):e0214436. Abstract Background & aims Current non-invasive scores…


Data Science Society

Dominik has been elected to the executive board of the GfKl – Data Science Society ( ). He will be part of the executive board for the next three years. The Gesellschaft für Klassifikation (GfKl) Data Science Society was founded in 1977 to develop research activities related to the classi­fication and ordering of data, to the…