New publication!

Our new article has been accepted in Nucleic Acids Research:

Löchel HF, Welzel M, Hattab G, Hauschild AC, Heider D: Fractal construction of constrained code words for DNA storage systems. Nucleic Acids Research 2022, in press (Link)


The use of complex biological molecules to solve computational problems is an emerging field at the interface between biology and computer science. There are two main categories in which biological molecules, especially DNA, are investigated as alternatives to silicon-based computer technologies. One is to use DNA as a storage medium, and the other is to use DNA for computing. Both strategies come with certain constraints. In the current study, we present a novel approach derived from chaos game representation for DNA to generate DNA code words that fulfill user-defined constraints, namely GC content, homopolymers, and undesired motifs, and thus, can be used to build codes for reliable DNA storage systems.

Written by: Dominik Heider