New publication!

We published a new article in BMC Bioinformatics:


Riemenschneider M, Herbst A, Rasch A, Gorlatch S, Heider D: eccCL: Parallelized GPU implementation of Ensemble Classifier Chains. BMC Bioinformatics 2017, 18:371. (Link)



Multi-label classification has recently gained great attention in diverse fields of research, e.g., in biomedical application such as protein function prediction or drug resistance testing in HIV. In this context, the concept of Classifier Chains has been shown to improve prediction accuracy, especially when applied as Ensemble Classifier Chains. However, these techniques lack computational efficiency when applied on large amounts of data, e.g., derived from next-generation sequencing experiments. By adapting algorithms for the use of graphics processing units, computational efficiency can be greatly improved due to parallelization of computations.

Here, we provide a parallelized and optimized graphics processing unit implementation (eccCL) of Classifier Chains and Ensemble Classifier Chains. Additionally to the OpenCL implementation, we provide an R-Package with an easy to use R-interface for parallelized graphics processing unit usage.

eccCL is a handy implementation of Classifier Chains on GPUs, which is able to process up to over 25,000 instances per second, and thus can be used efficiently in high-throughput experiments. The software is available at

Written by: Heider